Sunday, January 17, 2010

BEST EXPERIENCE OF 2009 or Possibly of My LIFE =) Meeting Mike Shinoda.

I met Mike Shinoda at the John Levine Gallery in NYC on October 24th. He gave me a hug and held my hand. What more can I ask for? I've been a hardcore fan since I was nine years old. He's the rapper of the rock band Linkin Park. He's is an artist, musician, songwriter, DC shoe designer, he is also the frontman of a hip-hop group called Fort Minor. He is a caring, profound and decent person...a humanitarian who enjoys helping others. Him and the other guys of Linkin Park established a non-profit organization called, Music For Relief to aid victims from Natural Disasters. This is my third time meeting him, but this encounter was special, far beyond words. Mike was presenting an art piece at Gary Baseman's "True Self" exhibit. I attended the reception hoping Mike would show up...and he did!!! When he first walked into the door, I couldn't believe my eyes. I ran to him in a casual manner, just so I won't scare the guy off. My sister was so helpful, because she took hundreds of pictures as I stood talking to him and as he signed his autograph. He was so humble and sweet. My hands were shaking with shock and excitement. I was talking to him like we were friends. He would look at me with gentle and honest eyes. We had a great connection and he appreciated my gratitude and dedication as a fan. He also spoke with interviewers at the gallery, and I watched him. Mike did not disappoint me one bit. he is everything I expected and more. He is too good too be true. Lastly, he had to leave for a dinner reservation, because his ride was downstairs waiting for him. I also had to go home. We both left the gallery at the same time and waited for the elevator TOGETHER (aahh). Meanwhile, He was texting on his IPhone and I was trying to keep myself composed. On the elevator, I was screaming inside, This was a crazy once-in-a- lifetime moment. I believe everything happens for a reason, this was meant to be. No one will ever be able to understand the impact this man has made in my life, not even my parents, my sister, my family and friends. I made sure to tell him this, and all the ways his music and his existence has helped me get through so much. As we walked out of the elevator, he turned back and said "thanks for coming to the show, take care and hope to see you soon" I almost died.

Mike Shinoda
from Linkin Park
Mike Shinoda is a musician, record producer, and artist from Agoura Hills, California. He is best known as the rapper, songwriter, keyboardist, vocalist and rhythm guitarist of rock band Linkin Park, and as a solo rapper in his side-project, Fort Minor. Linkin Park was formed in 1996 and achieved mainstream success in 2000 with its debut album, Hybrid Theory. The band has sold over 50 million albums worldwide and won two Grammy Awards. Mike Shinoda also provides artwork, production and mixing for both groups. A week after tragedy hit Haiti in the form of a massive earthquake, Linkin Park stepped forward to help the country's struggling residents with Download to Donate for Haiti, an ambitious project featuring new music from some of the industry's top musicians.

Enjoy The Silence

latest video I've directed called Enjoy The Silence by Depeche Mode.