Saturday, January 29, 2011


By: Shirley Alvarez

Even on this cold winter’s night,

My heart feels warm,

And my soul is on fire.

I carry a burning candlelight,

Deep inside my core,

Taking my spirit higher.

I look up at the night sky,

And the clouds begin to cry,

Tears so heartily and white.

The snow begins to glow,

At the touch of my skin,

Here on my own,

My strength pursues to grow.

I clear my path,

With the moon as my guide,

I pray for sunlight,

I see a person in sight.

On this cold winter’s night,

The sparks in my eyes,

Rise with the presence of your smile.

You approach my hand,

Placing it on your chest,

I must confess,

When you kiss my forehead,

I feel starry snowflakes,

Traveling deep in my arteries.

Pureness is love,

Love is in my veins,

You’ve reinforced the light,

I use to illuminate,

My darkened days.

On this cold winter’s night,

You are the sun,

Embracing my face,

With your heavenly rays

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