Sunday, January 30, 2011

Poem: Venom

By: Shirley Alvarez

The energy that you manifest,

Creates a toxic environment,

In which I quietly detest.

The intensity in your eyes

Penetrates through my meat,

I need room to breathe,

But I’m trapped in this heat.

There is no peace in my heart,

As the impact of your presence,

Is tearing me apart.

You exaggerate the pace

Of your flicking tongue,

I can’t think straight,

For much too long.

You wrap your tail,

Around your past,

You thrive for misery,

To those living,

In your habitat.

If you continue this habit,

Your existence will not last.

The person that you love,

Is the one that you attack.

When I hear you speak,

You are like a snake,

Talking with its venom.

With your painful fangs,

You cling on to head.

You spread your saliva,

Down to my neck.

I close my eyes,

I can feel stings,

My mind shuts down

I give out a shriek.

You hiss in my ears,

I can’t help but to feel,

That every time you speak,

You are like a snake,

Talking with its venom.

It’s time to strike back,

And kill my vulnerability,

I will not allow you,

To feed on my innocence.

You bite me over,

And over again,

Damage is done,

But why am I still here?

The days seem dark,

As I look at my marks,

Consumed by your venom,

Is not how I deserve to live.

I need to break free,

And climb up a tree,

Inhale new air,

To be a better breed.

Instincts in me,

Telling me not to leave,

I cannot abandon you,

Even after all,

You have done to me.

The areas of my soul,

Unharmed and uninfected,

Gives me the intention,

To voice something honest.

I don't want your fate to end up tragic...

Realize the truth,

That the venom you spread,

Will come back to hunt you,

Causing you to self-destruct,

And be the ultimate VICTIM.

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