Friday, October 3, 2008

Beauty Deteriorates


Our Physical Beauty and attractiveness begins to deteriorate as we get older. I was just thinking the other day and I decided to share this new prespective. It's true that the True Beauty lies within our inner and Spiritual qualities. Beauty will not remain on the outside very long, and our bodies last temporarily on earth. Our body has no value, beyond being a vessel for the spirit.

I want to color my spirit and expand the depth of it, (The picture above inspired me), I need to nurture my soul, expose myself to nature, music, good people, art, etc, express myself with language and visually, open my heart and experience love before life runs out. I've been on this spiritual growth journey for quite some time and I do want to dedicate time to empower and protect my mind & spirit. Also be Patient with myself. The longer something lasts, the more valuable it becomes.

Our beautiful spirit will never deteriorate on us. Appreciate your existence in the world. We all have a purpose that needs to be acknowledged and fulfilled. Live with passion everyday. Don't allow anyone or anything to break your spirit apart and don't be afraid to cross over the dark side from time to time. Our imperfections and struggles make life worthwhile and interesting. We will never be in a situation that is too hard to handle. When you dive into the dark, the light is barely visible. When we go through so much pain, disillusion and heartache, don't worry, these are the experiences that make us human. How can we learn about ourselves and know what is important in life? It may be hard to think and find the strength to swim back to the surface but everything happens for a reason . Fight until the end, and everything will fall into place. I've been through my dark hours, and I'm still a positive person. The point is to enrich our spirit we need to go through our dark and happy hours. As long as you can come out and be more self aware and better person. Our spirit is whats left of us when are bodies deteriorate. Our Core lives for eternity, expand it, give it the potential to fly.

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