Saturday, September 27, 2008

Seven Lives, Many Faces

ENIGMA, the electronic musical project started by Michael Cretu (composer+producer] is back with a seventh studio album called "Seven Lives, many faces". For those who've never heard of "Enigma," in my opinion it is one of the most soothing sounds in music I have ever encountered. It stirs passion and different emotions inside me that I find way too profound to articulate. Everything you hear from Enigma, is obviously a mystery and is up to you to figure out and interpret the meaning behind every song. The lyrics and songs are like flashlight beams, they don't show you everything, you have to look at what's between the lines. It does contain some sexual overtones, but this is not sexual music, it is sensual music, and there is a big difference.

Enigma's music is surreal and spiritual. It combines sensuality with spirituality and balances these two in the most amazing way. Haunting, evocative, dark, moody and magnificent, Enigma's music offers vast musical explorations of sound and sensation that dazzle and amaze, explorations in estoteric, spacey keyboard music, mixed with samples, slamming beats, ethereal vocals, and tribal chants. This is an extraordinary piece of work that introduces questions of virtue and vice, religion, faith, lust and universal love.

Enigma inspires me because it has the potential to take my mind and spirit into another world, as if I'm flying across the universe to reach another planet. It connects me to the divine and distracts me from reality. This may sound Extreme but you have to listen to believe it, but of course everyone is different. Music affects us as individuals and our reactions are never the same. I listen to Enigma, so I can liberate my spirit whenever I feel remove my mask and be in my true nature... or to just simply relax and feel sane. It's great music to play during meditation or to listen at night before you fall sleep. It sets the mood and captures your soul.

P.S. My moms finds it humorous to know that I listen to Enigma, because I'm only 17 and people my age dont quite grasp or appreciate this kind of music until they're older. I don't know, that's just who I am...and age is just a number. Although, I must thank her for introducing me to Enigma!

"Released in December 1990, ENIGMA 1 immediately captivated fans and critics worldwide with its innovative sound collage. The breakthrough single Sadeness Part 1 topped the charts in 23 countries, while MCMXC a.D. hit #1 in 41 countries and garnered 57 platinum awards - including triple platinum certification in America, where it has reigned the Billboard Top 200 album chart for over five years."

Enigma Discography

1990: MCMXC a.D.
1993: The Cross of Changes
1996: Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!
2000: The Screen Behind the Mirror
2003: Voyageur
2006: A Posteriori
2008: Seven Lives Many Faces

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